Taking selfie–obsessive compulsive disorder


The trend of social media

Is social media driving people crazy?Is it like a addiction?People are spending more time surfing facebook,Instagram than enjoying their life.Their whole life seems to be revolving around the 5inch mobile screen or social club.Is it more lethal or same as the drugs.I think in the coming future this will be called the social drug of the society.It is causing more harm than being useful.

Its not just about the white coat and sthethoscope

Being a doctor is not just about the white coat and sthethoscope.Its a hell lot beyond that.The time you enter the medical school at a teen age filled with excitement and joy and the time you leave the medical school.This exposure period of 5.5 years bring about a lot of change in your personality,character,attitute.You start to see things in a different way.

Here in India after u complete your graduation, and obtaining a degree which is called MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachleor of Surgery) life takes a another you turn.Where few doctors prefer to serve the nation,a hell lot more than that are aiming for a Postgraduation seat.The competition is so neck to neck where around 1.25 to 1.5lakh students r fighting for just some 5000 Postgraduation seats.So the charm of becoming a doctor fades away slowly and slowly and year by year as the time passes by.It takes a lot of effort to prepare and a lot more than that to hold your nerves tightly to crack the exam.Some students just give up in a year or two coz they cannot stretch themselves beyond their point of comfort level.So they land up doing job as a graduate whereas some wish to continue and prepare over and over again.Definitely this preparation phase teaches you a lot more than your 5.5years experience in the medical school.As the time passes by your mind starts to see the things in a different way.Where a cup of tea in the medical college seemed to be interesting and now even butter chicken has losts its taste.You starts to see things in a negative way.You dont even appreciate even a single good deed which has happened to you.

Well i feel the success mantra is always based on 3 things-Patience,Perseverance and Success.

Well i donno what i am doing,where am i heading.It seems like i am all alone following a path in the dark under the eclipse.There is no one to help,nor to guide.I donno what i am doing is right or wrong.I think i am lost,i am all alone,i am faded.

Dr Ayush